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Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.4 is out!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.4 is out! Oh yes, another one massive update!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.4 Release Notes:

🐙 Added “Reset FRP” for the following devices:

  • Alcatel OneTouch A3 (OT-5046I) (thanks to Mr. wsmobile)
  • Alcatel U50 / Ideal Xcite (OT-5044G) (thanks to Mr. ashahzad_pk)
  • Blackview A5 (thanks to Mr. jhalir)
  • BLU Grand M2
  • BQ Next LTE (5508L) (thanks to Mr. djmurod86)
  • Cell C Fame (thanks to Mr. ka4bygame and to Mr. CHAUDHRAY ARSHAD)
  • Cell C Jazz (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
  • Citrus Essence (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Dixon TS-M70E (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Doogee BL7000 (thanks to Mr. gerovgsm and to Mr. Bell666)
  • Doogee X10S (thanks to Mr. blinet)
  • FNB ConeXis A2 (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Gtel A728 XP2 (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Hisense C20 (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Hisense U965 (thanks to Mr. usman000)
  • Hisense U989 Pro (thanks to Mr. CHAUDHRAY ARSHAD)
  • Hurricane Blaze (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
  • Hyundai L500U
  • Impression ImSmart A504
  • Itel A13 Plus (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
  • Itel it1556 Plus (thanks to Mr. wagonstev)
  • Itel S32 (thanks to Mr. yalil17)
  • Itel S33 (thanks to Mr. wahablepirate)
  • Lenovo Tab 3 Plus (TB3-X70F) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • LG G7 ThinQ (G710PM) (thanks to Mr. ahmertelecom)
  • M-Net Power 1 (thanks to Mr. yalil17)
  • Maxwest Astro 5s
  • Motorola Moto G6 Play / Ashley (XT1922-3) (thanks to Mr. Remco)
  • Motorola Moto G6 Play / Ashley (XT1922-6)
  • Motorola Moto G6 Play / Ashley (XT1922-7)
  • Motorola Moto G6 Play / Ashley (XT1922-9)
  • MLS iQ1019N (thanks to Mr. genci titi 2002)
  • Netsurfer 176HS1050531 (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
  • Nomi Spark (i507)
  • Own S4035 3G (thanks to Mr. Maurioski)
  • Premio P400 (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
  • Symphony H175 (thanks to Mr. khorsed_pabna)
  • Symphony V96 (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
  • Symphony V140 (thanks to Mr. khorsed_pabna and to Mr. pintu_das)
  • Touchmate TM-MID798 (thanks to Mr. djmurod86)
  • UMAX VisionBook P55 LTE (thanks to Mr. blinet)
  • UMI Iron
  • Umidigi Z1 (thanks to Mr. wsmobile)
  • Umidigi Z2 Pro (thanks to Mr. xukca)
  • Vodafone Smart Prime 7 (VFD600 MSM8909) (thanks to Mr. Allunlockingsource)
  • ZTE Blade A460 (thanks to Mr. genci titi 2002)
  • ZTE Blade A612 (thanks to Mr. jhalir)

🐙 Many new Samsung Combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area.

🐙 New unique Qualcomm USB loaders were added to Software Loaders’ Data Base.

🐙 All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software).

Dongle or Activation are already available for purchase from GsmServer Store. Ask your local dealers!

Download Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.4

Find out more at: www.octoplusbox.com

.. Octoplus FRP Tool Activation


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