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SPD Upgrade Tool

SPD Upgrade Tool…

The SPD Upgrade Tool allows you to upgrade your Spreadtrum device that comes with PAC firmware.

Many smartphones nowadays come with Spreadtrum PAC firmware, and you won’t be able to flash that firmware to your device by using some of the other popular flashing tool options out there in existence such as the SP Flash Tool or the MTK Tools.

The SPD Upgrade Tool also allows for the flashing of P5C firmware files, which can sometimes be found on the occasional Spreadtrum device as well.

SPD Upgrade Tool Features

PAC Firmware: The SPD Upgrade Tool support the flashing of PAC firmware. These are the most common firmware file types found on Spreadtrum devices.

P5C firmware: Some other Spreadtrum devices come with P5C firmware instead. These too can be flashed using the SPD Upgrade Tool.

Multiple Languages: Choose from various languages after you open the SPD Upgrade Tool’s interface so you can read the buttons and options in your native tongue. Many other flashing tools only support the English language, although some others like the Qcom Phone Download Tool also support Chinese nowadays as well.

LCD: You can also configure the LCD, although this option is only available when you set a particular NV and user .img file.

Small File Size: The SPD Upgrade Tool is less than 3 MB’s in size, so it won’t be taking up much hard drive space to have it installed on your desktops or laptops.


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